Turn Your Young Student Into an Avid Learner

We provide comprehensive elementary tutoring services in Otsego, MI

Maybe your child is embarrassed to read. Maybe your student doesn't like to ask the teacher for help. Or perhaps your youngster just can't get motivated to research state history. Elementary education is an exciting chapter in your child's development, but it can be a lot to ask for a young student to engage with every subject.

You can renew your child's fascination for K-6 subjects by hiring an elementary-school tutor. Choose Evergreen Tutoring in Otsego, MI for skilled elementary tutoring that teaches your child how to embrace learning challenges with confidence. Reach out today to meet with our elementary-school tutor.

Elementary tutoring that addresses all learning needs

When your child attends our elementary tutoring, you can trust that they'll receive helpful guidance on all core subjects. Our talented elementary-school tutor covers:

  • Arithmetic
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Social studies

No matter the subject, we'll design a personalized tutoring plan to address your child's individual learning style and needs.

Our elementary tutoring sessions run for one hour and cost $35 per session. For every five sessions your child attends, you'll get a sixth one free. Call 616-795-6858 now to schedule a free elementary-school tutor consultation.