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As your child starts planning to take the SAT and ACT, you'll want to make sure they're fully prepared. Evergreen Tutoring offers SAT prep and ACT prep courses to make sure students are confident and ready to sit the exam. Our test prep focuses on the student's area of need.

Maybe your student excelled in the math portions of the practice exams but struggled with writing - or maybe it was the other way around. We'll place special focus on the exam subjects that your child needs the most help with. That's what sets Evergreen Tutoring apart from generic test prep services.

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Get ready to ace the ACT

Our SAT and ACT prep courses are customized to the needs of the student. Experienced tutors can go over the subject material in a way that makes the greatest impact. Pricing runs $55 per one-hour session, and you can also schedule a free consultation to determine whether we're the right fit for your child.

During prep courses, we can:

  • Teach test-taking strategies
  • Coach students on good study habits
  • Go over the test material
  • Conduct practice exams

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