About Us

Evergreen Tutoring is located in Otsego, Michigan and is owned and operated by Ms. Leanna. You will find Evergreen Tutoring right down the street from downtown Otsego in the front room of Ms. Leanna's home. Evergreen Tutoring is a sole proprietorship, meaning Ms. Leanna is not only the owner, but also the only tutor at Evergreen Tutoring at the moment. To learn more about her, please click the learn more button below.

Our tutees enjoy a little extra cheerleading from the furry friends in the home. Our four very friendly cats attend tutoring sessions only when the student is comfortable with it and not distracted by them. They love watching all our students make progress with their tutoring goals each week.

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Our Mission

At Evergreen Tutoring, our mission is to Equip, Encourage and Empower our students in their pursuit of academic success.

We equip students with the resources, tools, and strategies they need for academic success. We encourage our students, so they grow in confidence and resolve. We empower our students for lifelong achievement and understanding.

We create individualized tutoring goals and tutoring plans for each of your students. Every tutoring session is tailored to the tutee's unique needs and aspirations. We provide hands-on learning manipulatives and interactive learning tools in session. Students are equipped with references, visuals, examples, etc. that meet their learning style. Positive reinforcement is key to the success of our students. We encourage and build your child up so that they gain self confidence through tutoring. Our goal is that every student leaves tutoring confident in their ability to succeed independently.