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Has your child's homework routine become an exercise in frustration, crying and wasted time? You might be worrying that they'll always struggle with learning, but we promise that's not the case. Your child just needs a professional tutor who can customize schoolwork to their learning style.

Turn to Evergreen Tutoring in Otsego, MI if your child is experiencing:

  • Lost learning interest
  • Grade dissatisfaction
  • Feelings of failure
  • Weak study skills
  • Test-taking anxiety

We offer one-on-one, K-12 tutoring services that will engage your young student and inspire their learning. Just pick up the phone and call 616-795-6858 for a free consultation.

Customizable tutoring services for every age group

Evergreen Tutoring is a seasoned tutoring service with 10 years of professional experience. Our goal is to equip K-12 students with independent study skills and learning confidence. You can count on us for exceptional services that include:

  • Elementary tutoring
  • Middle school tutoring
  • High school tutoring
  • Small group tutoring
  • K-12 math tutoring

By hiring a skilled tutor, you'll empower your child's learning comprehension and study habits. Give them the tools they need for academic success by scheduling comprehensive tutoring services today.

Count on us to make learning fun again

Inspire your child to become a lifelong learner by scheduling tutoring services from Evergreen Tutoring. Otsego, MI parents rave about our fun learning plans and thoughtful tutoring methods. Some of our client (and student) reviews have even said that:

  • We explain subjects the best
  • We're personable and capable
  • We actually make geometry fun

When you register with us, we'll arrange a free, preliminary consultation to discuss your student's study habits. Then we'll create a personalized tutoring plan to target your child's learning strengths and challenges.